Checking the shape and dimensional accuracy of various individual components in production, checking the completeness of assemblies in assembly and counting objects are standard tasks in industrial image processing. And, of course, all tasks can also be performed quickly and reliably in any combination and under difficult conditions.


Different component variants can be optically distinguished by their different geometric characteristics and thus uniquely identified. For component identification and part tracking in production, VisionTools image processing systems are equipped as standard for the recognition of plain text in industrial environments. The V60 software is also capable of decoding various codes.


The automated assembly and handling of workpieces often requires their position and alignment in order to pick them up by means of handling. The position data is sent via almost any interface to the robot or an axis portal with control. Depending on the possibility of spatial orientation of the workpieces, 2D or 3D applications up to "Bin picking" are possible.

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