Machine vision systems with artificial intelligence

Classical machine vision was and is superior to human capabilities in terms of speed, repeatability and accuracy and achieves best results in quantitative measurement of structured scenes.

In contrast, humans are suited to learning by observing examples or specifications of test parts. In this way, he can distinguish between slight errors in appearance, such as those caused by perspective distortions or differences in brightness, and actual functional errors. It can assess for itself whether a change in appearance affects the required quality.

AI technology uses neural networks to achieve a learned knowledge that enables it to distinguish between anomalies, shapes and characters, while tolerating natural deviations. Thus, artificial intelligence combines the superior flexibility of humans with the performance of a machine system.

AI tools by VisionTools

For the use of artificial intelligence in machine vision projects, VisionTools offers ALL tools for the installation of a Deep Learning inspection system.

AI Tools by VisionTools

Any type of camera is available to acquire the image data.

With V60, the images can be labelled automatically or manually depending on the inspection task and prepared for training.

In VisionCockpit, different pre-trained neural networks are available to the user, with which an optimally functioning model can be trained for the required evaluation.

The trained model of VisionCockpit is uploaded to the VisionTools AI Box.

The V60 evaluation software communicates with the AI Box via the REST interface.

Further information can be found here in our current product folder (PDF, 828 KB).

Artificial Intelligence for Camera Systems - AI Training as a Cloud Service and AI Evaluation with Edge Device

Upgrade your system

Do you have questions about solutions in the field of artificial intelligence?

We will implement a system based on AI for you or help you to successfully use deep learning technologies yourself in your application.

To train your data, our cloud service VisionCockpit is available, which allows you to start immediately without the need for any expensive hardware of your own.

Contact us – we will be looking forward to inform you!

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Vision Cockpit - AI Cloud Service Logo

Cloud Service by VisionTools – AI Training / File management

  • AI training on a server hosted in Germany without own expensive hardware.
  • The training is carried out with high-performance GPUs (NVIDIA T4) and is scalable as required, i.e. with VisionCockpit several trainings can be carried out simultaneously.
  • The user has various pre-trained algorithms for object recognition at his disposal, with which VisionCockpit can train an optimally functioning model for any application.
  • Upload any amount of labelled image data. The training data is stored on the server.
  • The Data security of VisionCockpit is TISAX certified.
  • Simple, fair billing system.
  • The VisionCockpit dashboard will expand to include other useful AI tools in the future, e.g. an online labelling tool.

AI-Box the edge device for artificial intelligence

Multicore GPU Workstation for AI-based Evaluations

  • Integrated web server for configuring and uploading the AI training models.
  • The image processing application communicates with the AI Box via the REST interface
  • The design as a separate module makes it possible to upgrade even older systems with artificial intelligence
  • Edge device in robust aluminium housing (IP67) with 2 x Gigabit Ethernet port, power supply 24VDC or PoE, industrial-grade M12 circular connector