Gigabit Ethernet camera with M12 connector and PoE for image analysis systems

The VoE-Camera is an industrial camera with data transmission via Gigabit Ethernet. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enables data transmission and power supply via the network cable. If no periphery with PoE supply is available, the camera can also operate with a separate 24VDC supply. Four digital, opto-decoupled, PLC-compatible inputs/outputs each are available for triggers or for switching lighting. For a safe and reliable connection, all connections are designed as industrial M12 round connectors. Pre-assembled cables in various standard lengths are available for installation.

The GigE PoE camera is available with resolutions of 1.6 - 12 megapixels and C-mount lens holder. Camera and optics are enclosed in a multi-part protective housing. The complete front tube or the single protective glass in front of the optics can be replaced in case of damage or dirt without detaching the camera from the mount. The geometry of the protective housing allows mounting in 90° steps.

VoE - Camera

  • Camera in multipart protection case
  • Free mounting in 90° steps
  • Ethernet 1000 MBit/s
  • GEN<i>cam  and GigE-Vision compliant
  • CMOS Sensors Sony Pregius with Global-Shutter 
  • Rsolution 1,6 up to 12 Megapixel
  • C-Mount lens holder
  • Power supply PoE or 24 VDC
  • M12-Ethernet-connektor  according to IEC 61076-2-109
  • M12-Connector for external power supply and digital inputs/outputs 24VDC opto-decoupled
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