Match point recognition in wheel assembly for tyre matching

Assembly section of the inspection station "tyre matching"

Evaluation of the images to determine the angle with V60

In order to compensate the so-called concentricity tolerances of a tyre, the tyre is mounted on the rim offset by exactly the right angle so that the deviations of the concentricity in horizontal and vertical direction are compensated.

In the assembly line, this must be done within the shortest possible time and for each individual wheel.

Based on rim points and match marks on the tyre, the angle is determined with a camera system by which the tyre must be rotated during the mounting process. A colour camera and white LED lights are used, which are arranged almost ring-shaped above the wheel.

By separating the colour channels red, green and blue into individual images on different image memory pages, certain colours can be specifically emphasised or suppressed by combining the images. In this way, even annoying reflections, design features of the rims or other markings can be almost completely suppressed with coloured match marks. The optimum prerequisite for reliable recognition of the rim and tyre points. The teach-in of a new variant is completed with just a few mouse clicks, as the user is guided through the process by dialogues.

The VisionTools V60 image processing software used manages any number of wheel variants. The camera system receives a type specification from the higher-level system controller. All taught-in wheel variants can be produced in mixed operation.

This solution is in use several times and has already proven itself for several years.

  • Up to 24" aluminium and steel wheels
  • Standard project file for 2 system variants (tyre already mounted or loose)
  • Type setup per user guidance in dialogue mode
  • Languages switchable at the touch of a button
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