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The powerful image analysis software package

Combining the software with an industrial computer, cameras, and lighting creates a complete image processing solution with process control and communication to higher-level systems. With the V60 image analysis software, you can handle simple tasks just as easily as you do complex, major projects with multiple cameras and 3D scanners.

You can parameterise and freely combine our tested modules in the form of objects, creating sophisticated solutions – and all without any programming knowledge. With a wide selection of unique 2D and 3D analysis methods and objects to freely design process controls, the V60 image analysis software offers maximum flexibility to design customised solutions. The software supports numerous camera models, 3D scanners, and interfaces to higher-level machine controllers. It can also be connected to custom machine data recording systems for statistics and data protection Systems.

Further information can be found here in our current product folder (PDF, 680 KB).

V60 – Features

  • Quickly complete projects without programming languages
  • Library of objects for image analysis and process control
  • Robust 2D and 3D image analysis tools
  • Comprehensive object help
  • Operating modes: Automatic mode | manual mode | setup mode
  • User administration with password protection and various user levels
  • Diagnostic functions like interface and variable monitor
  • Application visualisation with overlay graphics | texts | diagrams | tables
  • Creating and managing image collections based on any criteria desired
  • Quickly handle similar tasks by re-using program sections
  • Integrated project documentation system
  • Customisable menus and input screens for dialogue with the final user


  • Robotics – 2D/3D position recognition
  • Online/offline adhesive seam inspection
  • Completeness and assembly control
  • Shape control
  • Surface control
  • Reading codes and plain text
  • Type differentiation

Application area

  • Automotive and mechanical engineering
  • Electrical equipment
  • Packaging industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Logistics

Cameras and 3D Scanners

  • GigE / USB
  • Laser triangulation scanner (Wenglor, Smartray, Sick, Leuze)
  • ToF camera (Lucid)
  • Radiated light scanner (Sick)
  • 3D cameras (Ensenso, Photoneo)
  • Thermal imaging cameras (Cyclospotter-T, Optris)


  • Profinet
  • Profibus-DP
  • TCP/IP Client-Server
  • OPC classic
  • OPC UA
  • IP S7 Link
  • TwinCat ADS
  • IP S7 Link
  • RFC 1006
  • Digital IO 24VDC
  • RS232-C, 3964-R

*depending on the software used

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