Implementation of the optical inspection system

Choose exactly the support you need for the realisation of your application.

We offer you the complete system integration, from the mechanical integration of the components into the overall system or the installation of complete inspection cells, to the programming and configuration of the camera system, through to production support and acceptance.

You have enough "man power" and technical competence and would like to become active yourself? Alternatively, we also offer consulting and training so that you can carry out the integration yourself.

Commissioning worldwide

Our committed and experienced project team carries out the commissioning of our camera systems for customers at home and abroad.

Do you have any questions, or would you like further information? Contact us - we will be looking forward to informing you!

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The typical contents of commissioning

  • Assembly of mechanical and electrical components
  • Commissioning of the interface to the automation system
  • Acquisition of reference images
  • Teach-in of characteristics
  • Test run and start-up support
  • Production management and optimisation
  • Operator briefing
  • Acceptance by the customer

Virtual commissioning of AI-supported camera systems

Based on the CAD data provided, we are able to generate any number of virtual, realistic image variants. All features that occur in the real test run and can influence the image result are included in the simulation. As the dimensions of the test station are generally known, the cameras and lighting can also be positioned in the virtual space.

The effort in advance pays off: without a single real workpiece being available beforehand, the synthetic image generation provides sufficient realistic good and bad examples. The quality of the image data is so high that it is ideally suited for training the AI algorithms. The inspection system goes into operation with the first workpiece produced.

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