LED lighting with PoE

These VoE module lights have been specially developed for use with the VisionTools VoE system. Just like cameras, they are connected directly to the PoE switch. An additional power supply for the lights is not required. The LED lights are controlled by software via TCP/IP commands. For this purpose, objects are already integrated in the V60 image processing software, which only need to be parameterised.

Modular multi-camera systems thus become slimmer, require fewer devices and the installation effort is reduced.

With the already proven high-power LED technology and robust housing with industrial connection technology, the LED module lights are very bright and almost wear-free. The models are available with lighting areas from 75×120 mm up to 600x120mm.

VoE-LED module light

  • Operating voltage PoE+ (802.3at-2009) 42.5 - 57 VDC
  • Dimming 0 to 100% via TCP/IP command
  • Network settings configurable via browser (DHCP/static IP)
  • Industry-compatible round plug M12 plug 8-pin X-coded
  • Status LEDs: Link | Data
  • Long service life
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Ambient temperature -10° to +50
  • Light colour: white
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