Compact, decentralised 24VDC power supply, for modular systems

Decentralised power supply units do not require any additional housing, i.e. no control cabinet or terminal box. Heat is dissipated more easily, and the necessary dissipation of accumulated heat in closed enclosures is no longer an issue. Less space is required, and passive cooling saves space and costs. The modular units can be placed closer to the place of use, commissioned individually and tested.

In the event of a fault, the power supplies are easily accessible and can be quickly replaced, which also facilitates maintenance. Status LEDs and load display are directly visible. Clearly coded round plugs eliminate wiring errors and shorten installation time.

Another advantage of the concept is that it can be expanded at a later time without having to modify existing control cabinets. In principle, this is valid for all decentralised systems.

VoE - Power Supply

  • Power supply: 380-480VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Output: 24V / 500W
  • 4 adjustable output channels 1 - 12A
  • Total output current max. 20A
  • Electronic fuse protection in the secondary circuit
  • IP65
  • Industrial round plugs
  • LEDs for load indication
  • Control cabinet not necessary
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