All on schedule - drawings, interfaces, deadlines

Before commissioning an image processing system, thorough project planning is necessary to ensure that image processing can be integrated quickly and smoothly into the production system. Here we work closely with partners from the machine and plant engineering industry.

Sketches and photos of the preliminary tests are used to explain and illustrate the mounting locations of cameras and lighting, drawings are created and space conditions are checked, if necessary also on site. The connection to higher-level data systems and communication methods is agreed and schedules are drawn up.

Construction & Documentation

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Data sheets and CAD models of our components can be found here.

Project planning of a camera system

  • Mechanical design for precise integration of components
  • Electrical construction for circuit wiring
  • Agreement of interface contents and signal sequence in order to communicate with the system
  • Creation of project-specific software
  • Planning of commissioning steps and deadlines
  • Preparation of project documentation with operating instructions and spare parts list
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