Laser triangulation scanner for profile capturing and 3D point clouds

3D profilers are laser-based profile scanners that work according to the proven principle of triangulation, distance measurement through angle calculation. A laser line is projected onto objects and imaged on the integrated image sensor. Laser source, image sensor and the line visible on the object form a triangle. Since the distance and angle between the laser source and the camera are known, the angle of the reflected laser line can be determined and thus also the distance. If the object or scanner is moved, and the profiles are continuously captured, 3D point clouds of the object surface can be generated.

The 3D profilers are compact, factory calibrated and easy to install. The data is transferred to the evaluation computer via a Gigabit Ethernet interface. The V60 image processing software includes tools for transferring commands and settings to the 3D profiler and algorithms for evaluating 3D data. Several 3D profilers can be used in one application.

The models are available with red or blue laser and with different scan ranges. Laser profile sensors are suitable for inspection tasks in production monitoring or for assembly processes on robots.

  • Completeness control
  • Position control
  • 3D coordinate correction for robots for loading and unloading components
  • 3D glue seam inspection
  • 3D weld seam inspection
3D Profiler
3D Profiler


  • Different scanning ranges and working distances
  • Scanning frequency up to 6 kHz
  • Laser red or blue
  • Laser class 2M
  • Industrial M12 connectors
  • Encoder connection
  • Ethernet 1,000 MBit
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Power supply 24VDC