Check position and completeness of adhesive beads directly during application

In the bodyshell construction often adhesive beads with a length of several meters are applied in one piece or also in several sections. And, of course, the complete application should also be checked for quality assurance and documented as well.

With the VisionTools V60 image processing software and a special "Cyclospotter" camera, the glued seam is checked immediately when the bead is applied to the component, at speeds of up to 500 millimeters per second. The "Cyclospotter" is mounted directly on the glue nozzle and records the progress of the glue application around the nozzle, without the need to reorient the workpiece or camera for seam tracking.

The camera system receives the signal for each individual gluing section for image recording directly from the dispenser or robot. As long as the signal is active, images are continuously acquired at a fixed frequency. Independently of each other, the camera system continuously acquires new images and simultaneously evaluates the existing images.

The consistency of the seam, the width of the application and its position in relation to other component features in the image, e.g. holes or edges, are checked section by section.

The teach-in takes place via a semi-automated learning run. Afterwards, features can be manually re-teached and the limit values can be adjusted. Due to the immediate control during the order, no additional cycle time is required for a subsequent inspection.

For orientation, the camera system visualises the area of faulty sections graphically on the monitor.

A complete integration of the image processing into the glue control is possible and makes the system even easier to handle and more efficient due to hardware reduction.

The proven and robust system is used worldwide several times in various automotive plants in the bodyshell construction area.

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