Quality check of adhesive seam and sealant directly during application

  • 54 RGB LEDs with free colour adjustment for perfect contrast
  • Power supply 24VDC for RGB-LEDs
  • Rapid inline check
  • Compact design
  • 3CCD image sensor
  • Gigabit Ethernet with industrial M12 connector
  • Application speed up to 500 mm/s
  • Working distance 125 mm
  • Nozzle diameter up to 38 mm
  • M12 trigger connector 24VDC directly from dispenser or robot

Download Flyer (PDF, 538 KB).

The compact 3CCD camera head with RGB LED technology was specially developed for checking sealants and adhesive seams directly during application.

Following a signal directly from the robot or dispenser for each adhesive section, images are continuously acquised at short intervals until the end of the section is signalled. The simultaneous acquisition of three images, each from different perspectives, means that no reorientation of the component is required when direction changes occur during application.

In parallel to the acquisition and transmission of the images via Gigabit Ethernet to the computer, the images are evaluated with the VisionTools V60 software.

Inspection features are interruptions, thickening, constrictions and faulty positions of the sealing. In addition to displaying the images and inspection results, faulty inspection areas are shown in an overview.

Thanks to the freely selectable colour setting of the RGB LEDs, perfect contrast is also achieved for application material used in different colours.

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