Practice proven components for reliable vision systems

As a provider of complete image processing solutions, we are constantly investing in the development of versatile products, to provide our customers the highly efficient systems that they need. With our well tried and tested system components and our powerful standard software V60 we raise the ideally customized image processing solution for you.

VisionTools V60

Machine vision software

The powerful and reliable image processing software, designed for industry.

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Deep Learning

To use artificial intelligence in machine vision projects, VisionTools offers ALL the tools to install a deep learning inspection system.

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Vision over Ethernet

The new image processing concept based on decentralized hardware. Our components developed inhouse, are designed to work together perfectly.

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Camera on robot

The flexible inspection system for quality control. The lightweight robot with camera is controlled by image processing.

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ToF camera

Compact 3D sensor

Robust 3D camera for the capturing of large image fields with short acquisition time.

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Online glue line inspection

The compact 3CCD camera head and RGB LED technology is ideal for fast online inspection of sealant application in production. The solution can be connected to all commonly available dosing systems.

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Inline control of adhesive beads with thermography

Sensor unit for inline control of adhesive or sealant during application with IR cameras.

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