Camera for mounting at lightweight robot for the realization of versatile quality inspections

The ROBOcam was developed specially for inspection tasks in combination with robots. A typical application is quality control in the assembly of complex components such as seats, transmissions, axles or engines. Increasingly, however, it is also used in the assembly of battery or accumulator stacks or in the assembly of the drive train for electric vehicles.

By using the standardized robot flange according to ISO 9409-1, the camera can be used universally and is compatible with a wide variety of robots, e.g. Universal Robots, Kuka, ABB, Fanuc, Stäubli, etc.. The outer contours and surfaces of the ROBOcam 2 meet the requirements of ISO TS 15066 and have thus also been explicitly optimized for use in coexistence and for collaborative operation between humans and robots.

The camera model captures high-resolution color images in full HD quality with 1920×1080 pixels.  An integrated LED illumination provides more depth of field and high-quality images.

Pluggable electrical connections and a hose package, implemented as a corrugated or link hose, make the ROBOcam 2 both very flexible and easy to maintain. A variety of options are available for attaching the hose packages to the robot arms, such as Velcro® fastening or clamping clamps.

Safe, 3-stage enabling switches (safety category 4) integrated directly into the housing enable the implementation of additional functions. For example, by simply gripping the camera by hand, any robot pose desired can be set in Freedrive (weightless) mode.

By using the patented method for hand-guided positioning and setup of the feature positions as well as the direct saving of the robot pose with the corresponding reference image by simply pressing the permission button, the setup of new features in our VisionTools V60 image processing software is very easy.

The combination of optical inspection systems with modern robotics is versatile and very flexibly applicable.

ROBOcam - Camera for lightweight Robots

Further information can be found here in our current product folder (PDF, 566 KB).

ROBOcam - Camera for lightweight Robots
ROBOcam - Camera for lightweight Robots


  • Sensor: 1/2.8″ Rolling Shutter CMOS in Full HD Resolution
  • Zoom: 360x (30x optical; 12x digital)
  • Working range: 10 mm (wide angle); 1200 mm (tele)
  • Data transmission: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Power supply: Power over Ethernet


  • LEDs: 24 xHighPower / White 5500 K / Diffuser lens 10°
  • Power supply: 24V / 26W
  • Connector: M12/4pol. sensor plug