Matrix cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface for industrial use

In most applications area scan cameras are used for image acquisition. The sensor, with a matrix of pixels, produces a complete, two-dimensional image with only one exposure. Based on the photoelectric effect, incoming photons generate electrical charges that are converted into measurable voltages by readout amplifiers. Once the information has been digitized, the image is sent to an industrial computer where it is analyzed using software.

Cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE) support a gross bandwidth of 1000 MBit/s and are also suitable for longer cable lengths. Systems with GigE cameras are flexible and easily expandable.

The cameras are available for the visible light range as monochrome sensor or color sensor or for the near infrared range (NIR) with different sensor sizes and resolutions. In addition to the Power over Ethernet (PoE) option, the cameras are equipped with a trigger function and 24VDC high-side outputs.

For the versions with RJ-45 plug connection or screwable M12 plug connection, multi-part camera protective housings are available.

  • Global-shutter CMOS sensors
  • Monochrom, color, NIR
  • Resolution VGA to 12 MPixel
  • C-Mount for Lens
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Option
  • Cable lengths up to 100 m (CAT-5e oder CAT-6) without switch
  • Protection housing optionally
  • mountable in 90° steps
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