Professional services

Even after successful commissioning of your system, VisionTools is at your disposal with a wide range of services so that you can operate your system with maximum availability and achieve consistent product quality at the highest level.

In case of technical problems you can count on our support. An experienced service team offers you fast assistance in case of service problems.

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Our competent service personnel is available to record the service message, telephone support or teleservice.

+49 (0) 7254 9351 390

Remote Support

We need some information from you in order to locate the causes of malfunctions on the camera system and, if possible, to eliminate them immediately by remote maintenance.

  • Which general information is important?

    • Contact data with e-mail and telephone number for further inquiries
    • Company and location
    • Order number of the system
    • Name of the system and the line
    • Mechanical engineer / manufacturer of the system
  • What data is required from the system?

    Depending on the preset storage path, the required data is usually stored on the drives "C:" or "D:". To get to the data as quickly as possible, open the V60 application. The storage location of the current project file (PRD) running on the system is located in the window title bar. All data is also stored in this path.

    In addition to the project file (*.prd), which contains sequence control and image evaluation, reference images and, if applicable, current camera images are required. The images are usually located in the same path in a separate directory. In addition, various parameter files, calibration and adjustment images can be available.

    If you do not know exactly which data is required, simply contact our support.

    Starting with V60 version V7.152 it is possible to create a "Service file" with a few mouse clicks.

  • What are the costs for support?

    Depending on the error, the age of the system and the amount of work required, costs can arise for the services. After an initial error analysis, our service team can estimate the cost budget and make you an offer if required.

Remote support can save you, in addition to a possibly long travelling time, unnecessary costs.

But it is not always possible to carry out all the necessary work via remote support. In individual cases, it may be necessary to call in a service technician at the plant location.


The "TeamViewer - QuickSupport" can be used to implement fast support on the station computer. In order to be able to execute the QuickSupport, no installation is necessary. The only requirements are that the system has Internet access and QuickSupport can be used in your company.

It only takes two steps to connect to the station computer:

  • Provide VisionTools Support with the ID and Password to connect.
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