Our high-performance computer systems can be used for a wide variety of image processing tasks. Due to the very good performance, the systems are particularly suitable for multi-camera systems with many cameras or several 3D scanners or for particularly high demands on throughput and computing power.

Due to the integration of the industrial PC into the control cabinet, the use in almost all industrial areas is possible. So the components are protected against contamination and can also be provided with cooling if required.

Customised PC and control cabinet solutions are possible.

  • PC and monitor are protected against dirt and unauthorized access, climate optional.
  • Keyboard and viewing window for monitoring
  • Space for two computers and wiring plate with power supply, selectivity and terminal level
  • Industrial computer with Intel Core i7 processor, ATX mainboard, SSD, PCIe slots
  • OS Windows 7/10 - 64 Bit and image analysis software VisionTools V60

For complex image processing with high performance

Cameras and 3D scanners

  • GigE cameras
  • Cyclospotter
  • Laser triangulation scanner (SmartRay, Sick, Leuze)
  • Time-of-flight scanner (Sick)
  • Stereo 3D cameras (Ensenso. Photoneo)
  • Thermal imaging cameras (Optris)

Machine interfaces*

  • Profinet
  • Profibus-DP
  • Interbus
  • TCP/IP Client-Server
  • OPC-Classic
  • OPC-UA
  • IP S7 Link
  • RFC 1006
  • TwinCat ADS
  • Digital IO 24VDC

*depending on the hardware configuration

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