Driving safety training for VT employees

Full Speed Ahead: Driving Safety Training for VisionTools Employees

Most of our employees are on the road by car every day - be it on the way to work or on assignment with our customers. Of course, it is of great concern to us that they always reach their destination safely! In order to support our employees and to increase their awareness of road safety, we offered those who were interested the chance to take part in a car driving safety training course. 

The first group not only had a lot of fun during the training day at the ADAC driving safety centre in Heidelberg, but also learned a lot. Be it hazard braking on different road surfaces, reacting correctly to sudden obstacles or simulating snow- and ice-covered roads - in many practical exercises they were able to test their personal limits and those of driving physics in a safe environment. 

It was also an impressive experience to see how today's technical assistance systems of the vehicles worked during the exercises. 

At the end, the whole group was sure that the learning contents and experiences can be applied in the daily handling of the vehicle and thus further contribute to accident avoidance and prevention.

Already in June, the next group will take part in the car training. 

We wish all employees a safe and good ride at all times!

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