V60 Image Analysis Software with OPC UA Interface

VisionTools has extended the functionality of its in-house image analysis software V60 by the OPC UA client interface, with which data and information can be securely exchanged.

The simple Ethernet-based networking and the broad availability of the standardised, manufacturer- and platform-independent interface are significant advantages over other types of communication between machines.

Communication is implemented in V60 by specifying the OPC UA server address, security policy and authentication. After successful connection, the address space of the OPC UA server is visible. It contains the nodes, structured according to topics, which contain data or methods. These can be, for example, measured values, sensor data, control variables or control commands. Which information is exchanged by image processing and remote terminal is selected in the input mask, in which the node ID, name and data type are also displayed.

More information about the wide range of functions offered by the V60 image analysis software can be found here V60 Image analysis software

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