Girls' Day 2024 - Solder, Cameras and Robots

Girls' Day 2024 - we were part of it!

This year, we were once again able to welcome interested schoolgirls to Girls' Day to give them an insight into the field of electronics for automation technology.

The girls had an interesting day and exciting tasks to solve: With our colleague Helge, they learnt how to solder an LED light themselves, which can be connected to a power bank. With Martin and Patrick, they also had fun programming a robot that transported balls into a box, and with Michaela they were able to analyse camera images with our V60 software in our training room.

We would like to say THANK YOU to all participants for this special working day and look forward to the upcoming Girls' Day!

What is the Girls' Day?

Girls' Day - Future Prospects for Girls is an annual career orientation day held in April exclusively for girls and exclusively in male-dominated professions. Companies, universities, institutes and businesses invite schoolgirls and show them real workplaces, let them work for a day, inform them about training or study programmes, offer workshops on career planning, let girls experiment with technology or introduce them to female role models in these professions.

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