VoE AI-Box - artificial intelligence for the industrial field application

VisionTools complements its "VoE" product series with a powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) for the evaluation of images with AI. With the GPU module NVIDIA-Jetson-AGX-Xavier, the AI Box offers the highest GPU performance, combined with two fast Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

The M12 connections are robust and easy to reach. Power can be supplied either via PoE+ (VoE Net Box) or via a separate 24V DC supply.

As a field device, integrated in an industrial housing with protection class IP67, this module meets the high requirements for shock and vibration resistance. The VoE AI Box is fanless, energy-efficient and designed for a wide temperature range.

The design as a field device offers the possibility of upgrading older systems with artificial intelligence if required.  Everything necessary is already pre-installed and prepared for use in combination with VisionTools V60.

VoE System
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