The variety of interfaces has always been a great strength of our image processing software VisionTools V60. It is capable of capturing 2D camera images as well as images from 3D scanners and, accordingly, the image analysis software is also equipped with powerful tools for evaluating this data.

The communication of the image processing with the higher-level control is not insignificant for the integration of the application in industrial environments. Depending on the hardware configuration, all common interfaces are available in V60.

PROFINET  |  PROFIBUS-DP  |  INTERBUS  |  TCP/IP  |  OPC  |  IP S7 Link  |  TwinCat ADS  |  digital EA 24V  |  RS232-C / 3964-R

Data exchange via the PROFINET fieldbus system is widely used in industry.

By implementing the PROFINET protocol software in V60, the existing Ethernet ports of the hardware can now be used for the connection to the fieldbus system for data exchange.

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