Triangulation scanners from Wenglor provide 3D data for evaluation with VisionTools V60

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Triangulation sensors project a laser line on the object to be detected and create a precise, linearised height profile through an internal camera positioned at a triangulation angle. By moving the workpiece or sensor and lining up these 2D profiles, a 3D point cloud can be created.

Wenglor's weCat3D series sensors can be connected directly to the machine vision computer via Gigabit Ethernet. Our VisionTools V60 image processing software controls the image acquisition including parameters and processes the received 3D point clouds.

With its large selection of custom 2D and 3D evaluation methods and objects for sequence control, the V60 image analysis software offers maximum flexibility for designing individual solutions.

  • Automated assembly and handling of workpieces
  • Form and surface inspection
  • 3D adhesive bead
  • Object measurement
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