Compact, automated storage system AutoStore

Since October 2018 our new, automated AutoStore warehouse has been set up by AM-Lagertechnik from Offenau, the assembly work has now been completed and we are busy testing it. Already after Christmas the first articles are stored.

The AutoStore storage system requires no space for footpaths, driveways or free areas for operating devices. The containers are stacked on top of each other to create extremely close cells. Thus the storage has a space utilisation up to five times better than any other automatic storage system.

With a capacity of 2640 containers, which are stored and retrieved by two robots, the new system achieves a throughput capacity of over 600 containers per day. The modular design allows excellent adaptation to our needs and optimum scalability. As our logistics requirements grow, the storage can be easily expanded during operation.

The extremely low power consumption is also convincing - no energy is wasted. Not only does each robot charge itself at the right time, but each time it lowers a container or reduces speed, it returns charge to its battery. Depending on the configuration, energy savings of over ninety percent are possible compared to conventional shelving systems.

Here are a few impressions of the construction of our new storage system ( Images © AM-Lagertechnik/VisionTools):

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